Delicious cocktails for autumn evenings

party style gemma touchstone Delicious cocktails

Delicious cocktails for autumn evenings  “Put mixology skills to the test using All-American ingredients like apples and whiskey,” said Matt Nielsen, COO of Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. “By keeping a few simple add-ins on hand, such as Nielsen-Massey vanillas and flavors, it’s easy to pull together delicious cocktails for friends that warm up cool autumn evenings.” In addition to Nielsen-Massey vanilla, pantry staples such as cinnamon sticks, … [Read more...]


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PLAQUE HD IS THE ULTIMATE FALL BEAUTY TREATMENT   The First Professional Plaque-Identifying Toothpaste The revolutionary new product Plaque HD is a major advance in promoting healthy teeth and safeguarding your smile! This major product innovation changes the way people brush their teeth, transforming brushing into a wellness experience. Plaque is a relentless enemy of the oral cavity, colorless and difficult to see with the … [Read more...]

Party Style by Blog Book Tour

party style by Gemma touchstone Blog book tour

Party Style by Blog Book Tour Information About the book: Make memories your children will treasure forever. As the creator of and editor-in-chief of Party Style magazine, Gemma Touchstone knows how to make children’s celebrations memorable. And with her help, you’ll want to find any excuse to party! Packed with easy and elegant DIY craft ideas, cool themes, and must-read entertaining tips, this book shows you how to party in … [Read more...]

Back to school DIY idea & Free Printable

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Back to school DIY idea & Free Printable   This is a fun one, I love to create printable for every occasion and using the glow sticks from Michael's Craft Stores is an affordable way to go when you want to make something sweet for your child or their class. You can get the glow sticks in a tube of 12 in the dollar section at Michaels. Grab some glow, sticks, print the tags out - You can get them for free here Get The Tags, hole … [Read more...]

Create A Girls Night with Lolea

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I love having my friends over at least once a month for a girls night, sometime life gets busy and we don't get to spend time together. I am known for my amazing wine and cheese spreads and I have a fun time putting them together. So when I created this last one I though I would share it with you and give you my tips for a super easy and impressive  Girls night with Lolea. I usually set out 3 or four cutting boards on this particular evening i … [Read more...]

The Hugs Shouldn’t Hurt Results


The Hugs Shouldn't Hurt Results By Violet Iodine This post is sponsored by Violet iodine, but all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Well, I was a little apprehensive about sharing this but, I think if you are suffering with this then maybe it could help someone. I know when initially started having breast tenderness and pain, I though Oh no, this is it, I must have cancer or something very serious as most the women … [Read more...]

Happy National Rum Day! Blueberry Lemonade Rum Recipe

party style gemma touchstone national rum day recipe

HAPPY NATIONAL RUM DAY! Happy National Rum Day! Blueberry Lemonade Rum Recipe Hope you’re having a great week!  If you’re a fan of rum, I wanted to post a quick reminder that National Rum Day is today!  Sunday, August 16th!  Are you or your friends planning to celebrate the occasion?   As rum-enthusiasts know, this is the perfect opportunity to break out all the stops when it comes to crafting the best rum cocktails to celebrate. Taking … [Read more...]

Smart Cookie Free Printable Tag

Free Printable

Smart Cookie Free Printable Tag Get it Here Get your Gift Tag, Click this lovely link. Okay so this back to school gift is the absolute best because its super easy you can go all out and back some home made cookies or take the easy way ( what I did ) and grabe some bakery cookies from the grocery store or Target because they have amazing back to school stuff and you are most likely already there.   … [Read more...]

Chalk Board Printable Teachers Gift

party style crayola school gift gemma touchstone

Create This fun Gift to go for your student or Teacher what inspired this gift were these amazing little colorful buttons I received at  SNAP conference this year by none other than the talented Laura Kelly who's personality is as colorful as her buttons. I love the way Crayolas look fresh out of the package. Is there anything better than a brand new pack of crayons or markers? Chalk Board Printable Teachers Gift So what you need is a … [Read more...]

Make No Mistake, You Rock. Teachers Gift & Printable

DIY Teacher Gift Eraser Taffy and free printable by Gemma Touchstone

Make No Mistake, You Rock. Teachers Gift & Printable I used 2 packages of standard Pink Erasers from Target found in the back to school section. and cut 3 by 3 squares out of standard wax baking paper. Lightly twist the ends to look like taffy wrapped candy I Up cycled the container from out OllY vitamins - These are cool containers that was the main attraction and why I bough them on a side note the gummy vitamins are pretty good … [Read more...]

Back To School Gift Idea and Printable

Back to school DIY by Gemma Touchstone at Party Style

Back To School Gift Idea and Printable Okay I have been on a kick this year with back to school treat ideas and I am in love with the Fiskars brand sharpeners mostly because the turn and close so shaving don't get every where and they actually sharpen pencils more than the first three. So I though what a great little Back to school gadget to dress up and hand out to Hannah's friends. You can get the printable here You're One Sharp Kid … [Read more...]



PAPER MART PARKING LOT SALE OFFERS DEEPLY DISCOUNTED GIFT & PARTY SUPPLIES WHAT:  Paper Mart, a national leader in gift and packaging supplies, brings their best-selling products to the parking lot for their largest sale of the year!  Paper Mart will be offering everything from gift boxes and gift bags, to containers, ribbons and countless patterns of gift wrap. Everything must go, so get there early to take advantage of these amazing … [Read more...]